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Monday, 13 February 2017

9 Ways You’re Accidentally Damaging Your Smartphone

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You lose your smartphone or opted for an inexpensive device called a phone, it is a great investment. This means that probably doing everything possible to smartphones look and run like new. But no matter how much time you spend in the removal of existing applications or to ensure that your software is updated, there are still many ways you can inadvertently damage the phone. (Hanging up the phone in the toilet or break the screen on the sidewalk are not the only ways to seriously damage the unit).

Do not be upgraded to a new smartphone for a few months or hope that your current phone will take several years, probably in your best interest to make sure that they are not accidentally sabotage opportunities your phone in a long, Facebook and vibrant Minecraft. Go ahead, see new ways to accidentally damage your smartphone - and find ways to stop the shock and scratches before they lead to a broken phone.

1. Installing malware

One of the biggest misconceptions about smartphones is that they should not worry about security with them almost as much as it does to your computer. But it is a myth, and download applications at random, without doing your own research is a great way to end up with malware on your computer. Malware ends on the phone with the application, it is best to avoid downloading third-party applications store or click the download links to suspicious web sites, even if they display the icon and name of the application in which you think can be trusted. Download an infected application is a great way to damage or even permanently damage the phone, so it's best to download applications from trusted sources, always be aware of what you download and be cautious with applications that have a permit, especially if you're rooted or jailbroken phone.

2. Leaving your phone plugged in

Let your smartphone is connected to the load through the night is not great for the longevity of the device. This may not be a problem to leave the phone connected to a few hours after a full charge, because the devices can limit energy is transferred to the battery when the battery is fully charged. However, there is no benefit to continue to charge the phone when the battery reaches 100%, and allow the device is connected to a long period of time can generate excessive heat and damage the phone. Another great way to damage your phone while charging? Leaving the device is connected when hidden under the pillow, or even just sit on top of your mattress. Smartphone is heated during charging, and if you do not put in the place where it can dissipate heat, can overheat.

3. Allowing your phone to overheat

Speaking of overheating, your phone should not be connected to the unit is too hot. You read the news on the beach or play on the grill neighbor is relatively easy for overheated phone in bright sunlight. Even leave it on the table while jumping into the lake can be enough for the phone to overheat and, in some cases, the phone may become hot enough to extinguish when left in the sun, even in a room with air conditioning. The problem is that excessive heat can damage the battery. It is never a good thing, especially since most people want more battery life from their smartphones, and sometimes not less between charges. Normally, a phone that overheating will be shut down to prevent damage. Well, push several times by telephone at that time will probably do more harm than good to protect your phone from the sun, turn it off if you leave it in a hot car, but otherwise the product at a comfortable temperature is a good idea to prevent accidental damage.

4. Dropping your phone, even if it’s in a case

You can choose from an endless series of cases to protect your phone if you want something sleek and minimal protection from scratches or are more likely to opt for a rugged reinforced to prevent major damage in case of a fall. However, even the most expensive cases do not prevent you from dropping the phone (or hitting your desk or counter), a fall can damage your phone. Even if you do not see a broken screen or uneven angle, it is possible that the decline has weakened the cover phone or damaged something inside the device. If you leave your phone regularly when you leave your car or resting on the couch at night, think about whether there is a way to keep your phone safe or changes in routine can do to stop the repeated impacts may be doing more damage than you think.

5. Exposing your phone to liquids

Most people know that dropping your phone into a sink full of dishes with soap is the situation we want to avoid (such as throwing a phone at the pool or even leave it in the toilet). But it is immediately obvious that the exposure to liquids can cause real damage to the phone, even when not involved large water tank. Many smartphones are not meant to stay for use in the storm, and probably should avoid the splashing in the pool. But even encounters that seem harmless can damage your phone, such as abandoned in the car cradle pile that is still dripping with condensation from your morning caffeine solution or placing a damp towel bathroom. A shame because mobile suffer when used with wet hands in the bath - even if you can avoid falling into the water - probably not worth delaying its response to a text message within 20 minutes. Unless you have purchased a phone that is specially certified for water resistance, better be sure to apologize and assume that the water must stay away from your phone in any environment.

6. Keeping your phone on 24/7

As the computer is turned off when not in use, it is a good idea to close the phone at least occasionally to give you a break. Leave your cell phone at all times burns through the life of the components more quickly than would be equipment off occasionally. I talked to the movies? Going to a concert? Planning to sleep on Saturday morning? Turn off your phone for at least several hours, and not only give a well-deserved vacation, but also can run faster and more efficiently when rekindle. Periodic closure devices, or simply restart that will help ensure that stores deleted and all is going well. Think of it as a well-deserved sleep for what may be the most difficult device that uses daily work.

7. Leaving your phone on the couch (or keeping it in your pocket)

Does not sound like the best way to accidentally break the phone, or leave your smartphone on the couch can be a bad idea. When you watch the game or you are immersed in the film, it is easy to forget that your phone is sitting next to you, waiting for you to fall to the ground when you jump (either home or popcorn celebrate goal). Even sitting on the phone accidentally can damage it, so if you want to avoid bumps and scratches that can add up to significant damage, it is a good idea to put your phone on the coffee table or end table instead. The same argument could be done to defend against holding the phone in your pocket. If you sit on your phone or more regularly fall out of his pocket and making noise on the field, then you should probably consider your habits.

8. Filling up your phone’s storage

Numerous cell phones have significantly less storage room than would be perfect. That is a simple issue to settle in the event that you have an Android telephone with a microSD card space, however somewhat less so for an iPhone. In either case, topping off your telephone's stockpiling limit wouldn't make the gadget detonate or suddenly combust, yet it will hurt your telephone's execution. Keeping your telephone stuffed brimming with applications and information will back it off. Also, obviously, if the memory is full, you won't have any space to download another application or store another video. Erasing applications, program information, and unused media can all help keep your telephone performing admirably, and staying away from the enticement to over-burden the memory will spare you the disappointment of the consistent battle for space.

9. Being careless about plugging your phone in to the charger

Regardless of whether it's quite recently been a difficult day or in the event that you've had a couple beyond any reasonable amount to beverages, you've most likely had evenings when you made it to your room and simply would not like to trouble with a finicky telephone charger. Yet, being harsh or thoughtless when you're connecting your telephone to is dependably an awful thought, since modest ports are anything but difficult to destroy and real drive is never essential. From a scratched telephone to a broken port, the result when you constrain the link is never great. The lesson of the story is that getting the link arranged effectively is justified regardless of the inconvenience.

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