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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Snap Unveils Eye-Popping Camera Spectacles

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Snap, the company formerly known as "Snapchat", published on Saturday wearing glasses with a video camera integrated in the housing - brings to mind a controversial product Glass.

Align the glasses allows users to take video of 10 seconds by pressing the button in the upper left corner Eyeframe. Users can press the record button to record another segment of 10 seconds. They can record video to long in a total of 30 seconds.

Video can be stored locally or transmitted over WiFi or Bluetooth for Android and iOS devices.

Sunglasses can work for a day to charge, depending on the pressure, and can be recharged by placing it in a box.

Glasses will be available later this year for $ 130, including the case. Glasses will be available in black, teal and coral.

"There's a big audience Snapchat users who want to share what they see and people live very quickly and, hopefully, these glasses will deliver on that experience," said Ramon Llamas, research manager at IDC,

However, the glasses "will be part of the curiosity of the moment," said TechNewsWorld. "Snapchat users more devotees likely to include first, but I'm not sure what's in the cards out of it."

Glass Shadows

The glasses connect directly to smartphone users Snapchat app, and videos stored in memory as a service.

The camera captures video with a circular field of view of 115 degrees.

Videos play in full screen on the device in any direction, said snap.

The lights on the outside and under the preparedness of both subjects and users of video recording.

"Usually these devices work better as a time machine," said Rob Enderle, principal analyst with the Enderle Group.

"It is very convenient for most of the photo phase," said TechNewsWorld.

Glasses immediately reminiscent of Google Glass, which caused a lot of problems with Google. Bugaboo mixes strong opposition from privacy groups. Some bars, restaurants and other businesses that serve the public is prohibited. Some users are approached with violence.

Glass doubled last year, but the concept was reworked in the project Aura.

"We hope that the defenders of privacy that go crazy for [glasses]," said Michael Jude, program manager Stratecast / Frost & Sullivan.

Creating a "zone" glasses and physical altercation possibly can be started when people start using the glasses, IDC predicts Flames. "The users of software components will have to learn and where they can not use."

The concept of glasses "is a good idea, but I do not think [Snap] learned lessons Glass, or made subtle" Enderle suggested.

Glasses "looking a little silly, and are designed to look that way," Jude TechNewsWorld. They "will not resonate in the work area, and certainly not in a professional workspace," but they have a reasonable price "to find customers in teener / Tweener generation."

Pretty cool for school?

$ 1,500 a pair, it is very likely that the price was one of the issues that have been convicted of Glass.

hanging glasses, however, "are cheaper than a video game system or a virtual reality platform," said Enderle.

"Every morning when I go through the local Starbucks, the place is full of students," said Frost Jude. "When you consider that a latte at Starbucks costs $ 5 if they can afford this type of caffeine habit, they can not afford [glasses]."
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