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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Catches Fire On Airplane

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is supposed to be the next generation of halogen device with an aggressive set of new features. Samsung's original plan was to launch the device before Apple could implement the iPhone 7 and reap the fruits of positive pressure, while Apple has struggled with unhappy customers who do not want to pay $ 160 for a loop plastic ears they love their devices with ubiquitous headphone jack.

Instead, note 7 is best known for being a fire hazard. For Samsung, the company is very proactive troubleshooting, and has repeatedly pushed its customer base Returning Items for refund or replacement. Unfortunately, the company's battery problems can not be completed.

Southwest Airlines 944 from Louisville to Baltimore was evacuated this morning after the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 passengers caught fire Brian Green. Edge addressed Green, who confirmed that the device showed a black box feature that distinguishes replacement Note 7, and expressed his version of the original and the green battery icon is green. Here's how Samsung's new visual highlight 7s Note immune defective variants. The phone began to smoke after green goes out and put it in his pocket, and at the request of the crew. As the plane was still on the door and can be safely evacuated, reports indicate that the phone (which remained on the plane for obvious reasons) burned in the carpet and in the basement plane.

At this stage it is not clear whether this omission was an isolated incident or a sign that the problem is not fixed Samsung battery that the company thinks. In this stage, and it is possible. The fact is that a certain percentage of smartphones suffered a catastrophic failure of the battery. However, there are chemical batteries, are more or less susceptible to thermal runaway. It is also possible that the security systems that can react and stop thermal runaway caused catastrophic fire, although I'm not aware of any of them being used in a mobile environment with limited space, where manufacturers reduce both heavy and growing improve battery capacity.

At that time, the explanation of failures battery that Samsung is one of the batteries used by the company is a little too thick for the mailbox. Although this did not stop the entire battery cover on the device, the lithium-ion cells were slightly compressed and is more likely to be a short circuit. Samsung can actually solve a problem and needs to blame, unfortunately expired. It is also possible that they were either defective batteries sent by mistake to the new units, or the original memory companies do not consider the problem completely.

If there is time to replace the device, Samsung should not have much problem going forward - but if more "good" rating 7 fire, the entire product Note company could be put at risk forever. Before that, we had rented a quick response from Samsung to the problem, but if it has not taken any failure, which will fly even more than before.

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