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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Google Shuts Down Panoramio

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Panoramio, a photo-sharing service Google acquired a central place in 2007, his last picture show on November 4 for a long time Google uses Panoramio increase its Google Maps and Google Earth with bing image. Now that the company integrated Google Maps Download images of mobile applications and local guides launched its program Panoramio obviously not a priority for the company anymore.

Google has tried before closing the service in 2014. At that time, multi-user requests the company to keep it open, but this time, the decision seems to be final.

"Today, with the tools for uploading photos to Google Maps and our local guides programs, which provide simple options for sharing photos with active and growing community," wrote Google in e-mail users Panoramio aujourd 'hui. "So we decided to close now Panoramio."

Last year, when Google decided to keep the service that goes beyond their original date, the company said that "the return to the starting point for work in a more integrated you and your content directly to Google Maps is compatible solution." Today, Google encourages Panoramio active users to join their local guides program and transfer photos directly to Google Maps.

For users who have linked their accounts Panoramio and Google+, Google will automatically copy your images to Google submit album (which is Google's service to download copies of paintings of all services). Users will also still be able to access your photos from Panoramio year after the November 4

As expected, Panoramio users are not impressed, but the current incarnation of Google / alphabet is not shy about the services that are no longer needed closure. Unfortunately, this is also true for Panoramio, although still small, but lively customer service.

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