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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Apple Buys Healthcare 'Magic Machine'

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Apple bought to run the medical records Gliimpse, Fast Company said on Monday, to expand its presence in the market management of personal health information.

Apple has confirmed that the purchase was made earlier this year, according to the magazine.

Apple in recent years deepened in health with offers such as HealthKit, Carekit and ResearchKit. Acquisition Gliimpse considered to be a continuation of those efforts.

'Apple is committed to creating products and services around health ", says Tim Bajarin of Creative Strategies president.

"Gliimpse gives Apple another powerful tool for securing data monitoring products and services, the health of ecosystems" TechNewsWorld.

'Magic Machine'

Gliimpse working for three years in its technology, it refers to as the "magic machine".

The aim is to remove the tower babble medical information affecting today's conversion of medical records that may arise incomprehensible information as well as people and machines can digest and utilize.

Apple has so far focused on data collected on health outside of the clinical spectrum, said Roeen Roashan, senior technology analyst at IHS health Markit.

"With Gliimpse, which opens the system to hospital records, laboratory records and data from pharmacies," said TechNewsWorld. "This not only expands the scope of Apple and strengthens its product, but also increase its capacity to analyze in terms of providing better care for patients."

guessing game

What will Apple do with technology Gliimpse it is unknown, the company is known for maintaining its tight secret plans.

"Apple might consider Gliimpse fundamental technology for general care, or maybe just see it as a complement to other fitness and health solutions for Apple", said Charles King, principal analyst Libra- IT. "At this stage it is impossible to say."

Buy Gliimpse may indicate a new direction for Apple, Bob O'Donnell, said principal analyst Technalysis.

'I think we will definitely see the beginning of a new type, which Apple is looking beyond its core in a number of fields and see how they can be disruptor', told TechNewsWorld. "Health is one of those areas."

difficult challenge

Health care can be a challenge for manufacturers who are already in business, newcomers just like Apple.

"The main challenge in this area is interoperability between systems - not only in the Apple platform, but also through a network of suppliers and the rest of the health sector," said IHS "Roashan.

Many challenges faced by any company operating in healthcare, King balance-IT TechNewsWorld. These include a lack of consensus between suppliers and health services, dependence on proprietary technology, and fierce competition among interested parties.

"Even initiatives such as electronic medical records can it lead to confusion - at least when it comes to folders shared with doctors and unrelated objects to use," he added.

The problems only get worse when you go outside of the US, said Patrick Moorhead, principal analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy.

"Each country has its own law enforcement and complex system of things" TechNewsWorld "to play against the consumer needs for ease of use."

small steps

With Gliimpse, Apple May be able to reduce some of the health care system friction that frustrates users.

"This is a small step towards the democratization of information on health and the creation of a consumer more power in health," said Jeff Dachis, CEO of one drop.

"The first step to do is to give consumers their own health information," said TechNewsWorld. "Gliimpse their potential to offer."

By giving consumers control over their health information can be useful for patients and providers who cracks the problem of data exchange.

"The idea of ​​patient ownership and management of health information could make it simple visit to the doctor, the diagnosis and the safest and most appropriate treatment" Libra proposed by the king.

"The company does well, it could become a very successful and prosperous," he added. "At the same time, compliance with health regulations and safety requirements are not for the faint of heart, many efforts by health care stakeholders such as to endanger the welfare of their business is likely to be."

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