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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Seven Crazy WhatsApp Facts You Probably Didn't Know

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No competition is the fact that the platform of the popular WhatsApp messaging is one of the most downloaded end instant messaging encryption at the end. Use every day and I know that some of you can do it without having to open the application every 5 minutes.

Although we use every day, there are still some facts that you probably do not know WhatsApp.

1. The first co-founders of the company were rejected by Facebook and Twitter in 2009
As Jan Koum and Brian Acton - who previously worked together on the Yahoo declined to Facebook and Twitter in interviews before going full time with WhatsApp. Imagine how the world would be, if not one of those conversations have gone better.

2. Only five people are allowed to download to hit 1 billion
WhatsApp hit 1 billion downloads in March last year ... Well, according to co-founder CEO Jan Koum, only 5 people did.

3. You can use WhatsApp to compress video and pictures
Send a collection of images and video files to one of your friends (or yourself) by WhatsApp, then go to the media folder WhatsApp on Android or iOS recorded content found compressed versions. You can delete or keep the original.

4. WhatsApp creates an account as [phone number] @
Service adapted version of the open standard XMPP messaging (XMPP), which was first developed for Jabber collaboration applications running. Therefore WhatsApp used Jabber protocol ID superficial <[phone number] @>

5. Type "WhatsApp: // text = Hello" in the address bar
If the phone is installed WhatsApp enter the text above into your browser and be open WhatsApp and ask you to select a contact to send the message. You can customize the message, replacing the word "Hello" any message you want to send.

6. You can see when you read messages
Have you always send messages and do not know when you are reading? It just seems that it is delivered and read, but do not know the exact time when he read ... Wait a specific message, and select "Info". You will see when you read.

7. You can set up custom notifications for any contact or group WhatsApp
Each WhatsApp messages received will probably send the same opinion ... but you can configure a custom message sounds, ringtones, vibration modes and popup windows for your contacts and groups WhatsApp, depending on the device you are using.

You know more WhatsApp that probably do not know? Share with us by using the comment box.

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