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Sunday, 17 July 2016

How to Play PC Games On Android, iPhone And Windows Mobile

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PC gaming is great, but everyone wants to move and still enjoy most of the features on your laptop. Things are better these days, as the latest technology makes it all available mobile experience better.

Android, iPhone And Windows mobile

The last time I tell the boys how to convert an executable program size ASF and I'm sure those of you who followed the guide already enjoys some EXE programs on your Android device. Today I'll show you how to run PC games on Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile.

Now you should know that the implementation of the program on the PC Android is very simple, with the help of an emulator. You can even run iPhone applications on the computer. I published an article about it. So, the following is a way to reverse the case, which are displayed on mobile games.

How to play PC games on Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile

In fact, with the help of an application called remotr can easily PC games remotely on our Android phone, iPhone, and Windows. Thus, the application can play Hames PC to Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile. In addition to the game, you can play through the flow of anything (regardless of quality) on the device, every time you start the computer.


Remotr program allows you to stream games and graphics-intensive high definition directly on your tablet, Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile. It also allows you to play games using gestures for devices that come with such a feature, and several other key memory; You can customize your own if you want.

The good thing about using this program is that the rate of flow of the game is fast and responsive, it works without problems (which Android or mobile device you use, everything is covered), which allows you to connect multiple devices and design program with a smooth interface that makes it easy to use.

How to use the computer and mobile remotr program

1. First, download "Remotr" program for your computer

2. Install the program and create a new account with them from their website

3. Thereafter, download applications for your mobile device remotr; no link to download mobile applications to continuous care.

4. Enter the account created on your mobile

5. Then, select software and computer games that you want to run on your mobile

6. Set the options and you are good to go.

Where to download Remotr for Mobile?

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