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Sunday, 17 July 2016

How To Optimize Windows 10 For Maximum Gaming

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Windows 10 operating system was launched in the second quarter of 2015 and update Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 for Windows 10 is available to all computers and smartphones. However, Windows 10 operating system comes with many built-in features.

Optimize Window 10

Games in Windows 10 is fine, but most Windows 10 users may experience poor performance in games on Windows 10, because they do not have the minimum requirements for the game.

Today, I will be your guide on how you can easily optimize Windows for more than 10 games load. However, before adjustment system configuration, make sure that the system is already installed all the updates.

How to optimize Windows 10 for maximum game

There are several steps that must be taken into account when Windows 10 to support more games are optimized loads, and I will reveal to you.

1. Disable the Windows Update service

This is necessary because Microsoft's Windows OS 10 that the update server. This results in high bandwidth consumption. So once disabled, the gaming system performance certainly increase. To disable updates widows delivery, follow the following procedures;

· On the Start menu, select Settings.
· After that, the search for "updating and security."
· Then open the "Advanced Options" window updates.
· The introduction of advanced options, choose Select how updates are delivered in a chapter about how updates are installed.
· Finally, turn off renewed more than one place.

2. Disable OneDrive

Another cause of poor game performance in 10 of the Windows system can be activated following OneDrive also consumes bandwidth of our system. Note that OneDrive on Windows 10 system, after the transfer to the cloud server is accessible from any platform or somewhere else, and this is one of the major causes of bandwidth consumption. So, after you activate your OneDrive, then you are getting a high-performance game.

To disable OneDrive, simply click OneDrive implementation found in the taskbar, or leave it.

3. Optimizing Windows 10 SSD

This is another factor that determines the success of games widow 10 system. Thus, the optimization of SSD 10 window, you're off Superfetch and prefetch, enable the setting, turn off indexing units, manage and disable page file hibernation.
To turn off Superfetch and prefetch, simply put the cost RUN.EXE (appearance) and "services.msc" input. After that, it looks like SuperFetch prefetch, and then shuts down.

To disable indexing operation;

· "Windows logo key + R" or run.exe Press Release
· Type services.msc.
· Find "Windows Search" and right click on it.
· Click Properties, then click the Startup Type.
· Select Off and press OK. (Note: This disables the "Search Indexer")
· Click the folder icon in the toolbar.

To manage the page file

· First, click on the folder icon on the taskbar.
· Right-click in the window and click Properties.
• In Windows, click the progression system.
· In the System Properties window and on the Advanced tab. Click on the configuration found in the test area.
· In the Options window performance.
· Click the Advanced tab, and then click Edit.
• In Windows virtual memory simply highlight automatically manage the size of the paging file size for all drives.
· Select SSD and paid on the No. paging file if they move the paging file in another car or change the paging file size through custom sizes.
· If you move to another unit. Choose a different size and system management devices or set the paging file size in cattle placing custom size.

To disable hibernation;

Fast start CMD
Powercfg -h off entry
Press Enter.

4. Eradication of incompatible software

After upgrading to Windows 10, there are programs that have been identified as incompatible software. Although most of them are removed automatically, but not all. For example, Nvidia for the previous windows to let some of the files after the update, it is recommended to uninstall any endanger the memory capacity to save and improve the software game performance.

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