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Thursday, 14 July 2016

How To Speed Up A Slow Android Smartphone

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Android Smartphone

One of the drawbacks to the phone after the contract expires two years - and many of us - is that those old phones have accumulated several years, digital dirt value.

How to speed up a slow Android smartphone
They clogged sewer as deterioration on the wrong side of town.

Like a computer, the number of applications and OS bits become discombobulated - orphans parenting programs. Integrated Digital waste is confusing as a drunk stumbling hole in the wall favored; lethargy unordered set, and the device can last forever run or become sticky during operation.

Well, just like a PC - or a drop in apartment building, in this case - you can set gloppy smartphone. Here is how to accelerate the slowdown of Android smartphones.

Get rid of unnecessary applications

The purpose of this procedure is not as clear, or to eliminate any program that might be a bad performance. Applications can contain all kinds, voting is prone to have a license, control and synchronization.

Step 1: Open the settings by pressing the Setup icon-like equipment. Then move the Applications menu. In previous versions of Android, which is marked applications.

Step 2: Click the download and scroll through the list of applications. These are the applications that you have installed in recent years.

Step 3: Tap the app labels for any application that you have not used in six months, and then tap Clear cache and Clear data and disable or uninstall it, in accordance with the available options.

Tip: Be ruthless here and clean up all that is not used - it is much easier to identify APP-holder rogue behavior.

Step 4: Try restarting the phone, and identification of scientific and if performance is improved. The main features of the start time and speed travel between home screens.

If the phone again feels agile, and have identified the problem.

Make some space

Step 1: Open the Applications menu within the parameters.

Step 2: Select Options and sorted by size.

Step 3: Move the first application - the most memory hungry - and clearly saves pressing the Clear Cache within each application of the label on the button. This will free up memory, allowing more space for the control unit. Then try.

Step 4: Make reopen storage items. Then scroll through the Storage menu.

See diagram for inner bars store. If it is full, with little room marked as possible, install the LeveloKment Storage Analytics, available on Google Play and run it.

Tip: This program will identify the largest files on your device - Files can be spirit - and allow you to delete or move to remove the device, freeing up space. Then try.

Re-install the factory software

If the preceding steps have not resolved the problem, the more likely it is that. As rehabilitation (or vessel while intoxicated) for our resident bad side-of-the-tracks, this May seem like a big deal and a lot of work, and unfortunately, it is because you have to reconfigure applications.

Step 1: Open the Backup and Reset settings menu items and check their data backup, and data from your Google account if required.

Tip: Keep your phone connected to the internet at night if you create a new backup. This will give Google's servers during the boot configuration data such as passwords and Wi-Fi connectivity, to recover later. You can skip this step, or you will have to manually enter a lot more things.

Step 2: Choose Restore to factory settings to the same menu and follow the instructions for cleaning and a complete re-installation of the operating system.

Tip: Before saving the device reboot, shutdown, media files stored in the internal memory, the captured images. Renovation of internal tissue for storage.

Step 3: Allow the phone to restart and follow the instructions to set up your Google account on the device.

Tip: If you downloaded applications do not appear immediately, you can start menu item to install the Google Play Store My Apps.

Step 4: Re-configure the settings for your applications.

Tip: This is a proven method to get the phone in stock and only state out of the box. Avoid restoring backups in this case because it can reintroduce the question or questions.

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