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Thursday, 14 July 2016

Using The Search Like A Pro: 10 Tips And Tricks For Google And Beyond

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Google Tips And Tricks

Search engines are good enough to find what they are looking for these days, or sometimes even lower. For all the time there are some little known tricks that are useful.

Here are some tips for better googling (as it is the most popular search engine), but many live in other search engines as well.

1. Exact term

The search for an exact photo: Samuel Gibbs for the Guardian
The simplest and most effective way to find some way out is to use quotation marks around the phrase or name to find the exact words in that exact order.

For example, a search for Juan Perez will show the results of both Joe Bloggs, but not necessarily placed in a row. The search "Joe Bloggs” -jeans" only those specifically name Juan Perez somewhere on the page will be on the surface.

Search exact or explicit expression is useful to exclude less relevant results, but more often.

2. Turn off these words

If the exact phrase will get what you need, you can specifically exclude certain words using the minus sign.

-Jeans Search for "John Doe" to find results for Juan Perez, but excludes results for Juan Perez brand jeans.

3. The first OR

The default text study found results with all the words of the query. By using the word or phrase to search or another, not only all the conditions. Or research may be useful to find things that are not sure what the term will be used from the famous list.

4. Synonyms

Sometimes it is helpful to look less certain term. If you are not sure what the term might be used synonymous with search.

Search results plumbing ~ POU for colleges and universities health, for example.

5. Search on site

Search engines websites are generally poor. You can search on Google will not use the limiter website or domain.

Site Search: follows a search term, results can only find The combination of the terms of explicit search makes it even more powerful.

6. Power of Asterisk

As empty tiles in Scrabble, stars function as a wildcard search. It can be used in place of missing a word or part of a word, which is useful for Firefox, but when try to find a less clear article.

Search Search architect architect, but also architectural, architecture, architecture, construction, and any other word that begins with the architect.

7.Research between two values

Looking for something with qualifications between the two wires is a good way to answer questions. For example, if you are looking for that British prime ministers between 1920 and 1950, search using the British Prime Minister in 1920 .. 1950 results will be opened with dates ranging from 1920 to 1950.

This is a search term followed by a colon and space.

8. Requests the word in the body, address, or URL

Sometimes you just want to search for text or URL, body or title. Using Qualifier inurl: search only within the URL. Parameter intitle: look inside the body, while intitle: retrieves only the title page.

For example, intitle: open sea all items in the "review" in the title page.

9. Locate related websites

related qualifications is useful to find similar pages. Related searches: for example, websites and other news organizations that Google is considered more as The Guardian opened.


All of these tools search can be combined to reduce or expand the search. While some of them may be used only rarely, some, such as explicit search terms are useful in almost all cases.

As Google and other search engines to improve their understanding of how people say or write, of course, search queries, and power tools are likely to become less and less useful - at least that is the goal of engine research - but it certainly is not the case at the time .

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