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Sunday, 17 July 2016

How To Activate An LED Flash For Calls And Notifications On Android And iOS

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LED Flash For Calls And Notifications On Android And iOS

Activation LED flash alerts, phone calls and notifications from any application messaging is one of the known characteristics that can be found in the integrated iPhone, which is, by default, the iPhone comes with a device this feature, but not on Android phones.

This is used as an alternative to the warning, perhaps, the device is in meeting profile, but will also be informed about any warnings or notifications that enters the camera, then I advise that enables LED flash alert function so that you can be informed by its LED flash flashes.

You should know by now that vibration or acoustic signal does not attract attention, but their attention is easily removed flash its LED flashes without disturbing anyone around you. So that's why I recommend this option as the best alternative for notification and silence.

How to activate an LED flash for calls and notifications on Android

In Android, this feature can be enabled using a third party application. I will reveal most of these applications in your case.

1. Flash first notification for all applications

This is a "flash notification for" well rated application that can be used to send notifications to flash for all applications, including WhatsApp, e-mail, Twitter, Instagram, alarm / Alarm Clock, Messenger and other applications. The application also provides the flash for incoming calls, text messages, missed calls and unread notifications.

2. Call Flash: Alerts on Call-SMS

This is another useful application for Flash notification. LED flash notification optional user configuration is allowed, while silent, vibration and normal mode, repeat mode, the flash will be notified by e-mail application, disable features and volume economies Flash button batteries (flash off when the battery is low).

3. Flash Alerts on Calls and SMS

4. FlashMe

Android Applications notice flash rescue all perform similar functions, design, differing in the additional features that are built into them.

How To Enable LED flash for Alerts on iPhone

This functionality is already built into the iPhone camera feature. You do not need external applications to enable or activate. Follow the instructions to enable Flash alert functionality on the iPhone.

LED Flash For Calls And Notifications On Android And iOS

1. Go to Settings on your iPhone

2. Once you get to the configuration, click General >> Accessibility

3. Get the menu accessibility, scroll to the audience and to activate a LED flash for alerts.

4. That's all

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